Mr. Macs Franchise

How It Works


Location, location, location – it’s more than just a mantra. We know just how important it is to find the right location for your Mr. Mac’s and we’re here to help get you landed in the right spot, with a protected territory of at least five miles or a population of 150,000 with bright prospects for success in the years ahead. We’ll help you locate the perfect location in your area, to maximize your exposure, traffic, and sales!

We’re all in this together, and we’re all about staying on-brand. From kitchen to dining, we’ll help you through the design and fit out stage to maximize your staff’s productivity. Plus, we’ll help make sure your space stays true to that classic Mr. Mac’s design, and we’ll be there to help with those unexpected issues that might pop up along the way.

Amateurs talk strategy; professionals talk logistics. We pride ourselves on using the freshest local ingredients. That’s why we’ll be ready and able to help you nail down all aspects of your supply chain, including screening and approving suppliers, to make sure your Mr. Mac’s location has access to all the best ingredients exactly when you need them.

There’s no better training than hands-on experience. We will invite you to our New England restaurants to learn firsthand how the Mr. Mac’s day-to-day business operation works. This covers a comprehensive 3-week training program based on our mutually agreed-upon schedules.

Ready to hit the ground running? Mr. Mac’s will visit you at your location to help with your soft opening and launch into market, and we’ll be there and dedicated to keeping you on the right track and headed for success from day one.

Even after that grand opening, the best days are still yet to come. As a Mr. Mac’s franchise owner, you can always count on us for support. Answers and help are just a phone call away because now you are part of the Mr. Mac’s Family! Plus, You will be offered rights to renew with us upon successful completion of your first term with Mr. Mac’s.

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When it comes to Mr. Mac’s Franchising, we’ve got the proven recipe for success that helps our franchise partners realize their goals and success within the Mr. Mac’s system.